Broilmaster Cast Aluminum & Stainless Steel Grills

Made from thick aluminum castings fitted with high-quality stainless steel components, these legendary grills outlast and outperform every other grill on the market.

Choose from the versatile premium P-series and deluxe H-series for all-round grilling, Q-series for slow cooking, R-series for infrared searing and cooking, or C-series for unmatched charcoal grilling.

Primo Ceramic Grills

Primo ceramic grills are composed of a proprietary blend of natural materials to make the highest grade of ceramic. Cooking configurations such as grilling, baking, roasting, and smoking are made possible with the Primo patented oval shape.

Also, get true two-zone cooking with the Primo. This allows you to grill steaks via direct heat on one side of the grill, while indirectly roasting tender foods such as seafood or vegetables on the other. Primo’s Oval Ceramic Grill delivers a level of cooking performance greater than any other grill on the market.

  • Broilmaster – The Most Durable Grill Known to Man

  • Primo – American Made. Amazing Flavor.