Love Letter to a Room Heater

This is one ugly heater. When I first bought my house 10 years ago, I was appalled at the monstrosity parked in the kitchen. We have an oil furnace as our main source of heat, so the Empire is "extra." My HGTV soul took over, and I was determined to replace it with a pretty gas fireplace as soon as the budget allowed.

Fortunately, that never happened. Instead, I now see nothing but beauty in that big hunka metal in the corner. That heater has never failed to keep us warm when we're without power, and it was our lifeline when we lost power for a week following an ice storm. We used it to melt snow for flushing the toilets, to cook, and even as our main light source.

I'm a single mom with a bunch of boy scouts, and we were able to make do because of the Empire RH-65-5. I choke up thinking about how that "thing" has saved us from freezing pipes and allowed us to stay home when the power was out. We have an 18-year-old dog, and he spends all winter next to that heater. It's beautiful to him, too.

Thank you for your help – and for designing truly wonderful heaters!

Alyson M.
Mont Vernon, NH