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Contemporary Fireplace Bridges the Gap Between Art & Fire

With its four large main burners and subtle glass-droplet-covered accent burner, the bold new 42-inch Contemporary Chateau fireplace from Empire Comfort Systems creates the perfect mood for any setting.

The rich black porcelain liner reflects the flames and accent lighting. The liner extends beyond the interior, helping to conceal the window frame while creating the illusion of a massive open fireplace. Glass droplets – available in Aqua Blue, Glacier Ice, and Sangria Luster – cover the accent burner.

The advanced remote system controls the accent burner, the dimmer lighting beneath the accent burner, and the variable-height rear flame burner.

Concealed mechanicals and a complete lack of exposed sheet metal allow for a true clean-face fireplace.

Available in 36-inch models (with three main burners and 1,150 square-inch window) and 42-inch models (with four main burners and 1,600 square-inch window), these Contemporary Chateau fireplaces make a great artistic statement. Choose LP or Natural Gas.